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April, 2006

"Do you also like video games? :)"

April 29, 2006
More days, more updates. I, jr, have decided to bless all of you people with Friends.
To start, find someone you like and click the "Add to Friends" link in their connect box.
In the meanwhile, you'll be able to look at your friend requests statuses. There might even be people who be YOUR friend!
When they accept it, you will be able to see this on "My Friends" link in the index header.
Happy friendships!
The YoreTude Team

Every Vote Counts!

April 12, 2006
The highly anticipated star ratings are here! Now you can not only rate videos within 1-5 stars, but the average star rating of videos are now displayed on the watch page -- remember, every vote counts! ;)
The YoreTude Team


April 8, 2006
Categories have been added... :)
The YoreTude Team

Moar customization

April 7, 2006
We have been working hard to give you the authentic YT experience in these last few weeks. So, today, we will showcase what we've crafted:
  • Further Channel Customization
    There are now more ways to make your profile your own! Namely, now you can change the color of the filled boxes, info text, and other text.
  • Bulletins
    A somewhat primitive form of bulletins have been added. You cannot comment on them yet, but you can write and read them. If you want to write a bulletin, go to your profile, go to the bulletins box, and click on the link at the bottom that says "Write A Bulletin".
Groups and much more are coming soon!
The YoreTude Team

URL profiles

April 4, 2006
Hello there! its my first blog post on here so hi I guess. Anyway, here are some updates:
  • Channel customization
  • Profile pictures can be added with URLs
  • The home page looks a bit better

This is just the start, more features are coming soon! :P
The YoreTude Team

April 1, 2006
"Google is excited to announce the acquisition of Yoretude, a dynamic video streaming platform that we believe will greatly enhance the user experience of our customers.
In an effort to unify our brand and make our services more accessible, we have decided to rename Yoretude to Google Video.
The integration of Yoretude's cutting-edge technology and highly skilled team into Google will undoubtedly strengthen our position as a leading tech company and allow us to further innovate in the video streaming market.
With Google Video, we are confident that we will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality video content, and we look forward to the future of this exciting partnership."
- Sundar Pichai
March 25th, 2006
The revival that nobody needed but happened anyways.
That's right! After critical acclaim of what was supposed to be a joke with a friend, YoreTude is offically back for good. This time, I will promise to properly moderate it, keep it secure, and always be active.
My friend qfx now co-owns the site and me and them will be working to give you a great revival experience.
I'll remind you that the site was shut down circa October, so it'll take a while for us to catch up to the timeline.
I will try to implement some of the beta 2006 work I did.
Thanks everyone for the support through the dark times, and stay tudy.
October 1st, 2005
Hi! It's been 2 months since we last updated this thing. Since then, we have pushed out many updates - check them out!
  • Actual embedding
    The new embed code works the same way as the normal player now! The embed player was previously just a modified flash player, now just like the player you see on the watch page it gives you a compatible player depending on what your browser supports. Sorry for the inconvience!
  • Monthly Contests!
    A video of a man dancing certainly inspired us alot! That's right, our first contest is here! Simply upload a video of you dancing in various locations and you can have a very great chance of being featured!
August 12th, 2005
Whew! A couple busy, busy weeks. These are some of the changes we've made:
  • New front page
    We have redesigned the front page to better capture what YoreTude is about. The featured videos lend an instant snapshot of the cool videos added recently to the site. Upload your interesting video and watch it get featured!
  • Monthly Contests!
    A video of a man dancing certainly inspired us alot! That's right, our first contest is here! Simply upload a video of you dancing in various locations and you can have a very great chance of being featured!
August 11th, 2005
Yesterday, a lot happened. We now have to use a new database - so if you don't seem to be able to login, clear your cookies for YoreTude.com and create a new account. Also, the layout was updated early yesterday.
August 10th, 2005
There has been no updates for a while, but we do want to tell you that in 2 days, the layout will change! It will be updated to show off the best of YoreTude and be more precise. Some new features will come with this update.
  • Public & Private Videos
    Apparently this feature has existed since launch. Weird. But it will be introduced with the update here since Friends are coming also with it (and this makes it way, way easier to view Private Videos).

  • Video Sharing
    On YoreTude you've always been able to upload Public and Private videos. Public videos are for everyone to see, and Private videos are only seen by the people that get the secret link URL to that video.
    Now you can share videos more easily with friends and family by inviting them directly through the My Friends tab, and by adding them to your Friends or to your Family groups. For each video that you uploaded to YoreTude, you can decide to share the video with Friends, Family or both.
  • Show related video in comments
    While browsing through the site, we've seen that many users reference videos they've posted when they leave comments in other people's videos. To help this effort, we will push out a new feature that allows you to reference one of your videos directly from the comments section.

August 5th, 2005

You know, I really can't believe the pace that we're releasing new features. I mean, it really does seem like like just yesterday we launched something and, yet, here we are again... back with more.
And since the last two days, here they are:

  • Editing Videos
    You can now easily go to My Videos in the header. You can edit your video information and remove videos you want to forget. Handy, huh?

  • RSS
    There is now a RSS feed so you can look at the latest videos on a certain subject without being on YoreTude.

  • Search
    You can now search for videos by tags! For example, search up Scratch and you'll see my two videos on the first versions of Scratch.

August 2nd, 2005

Related videos have been implemented and the logo has been given a slight makeover. Also tags were added to the index so this outside doesn't look unfinished af on the outside anymore.

August 1st, 2005

More things added, more sleepless nights. Jacob has added some more things to this website:

  • Videos
    That's right, videos have finally been implemented (which is ironic since we're running a video sharing website). Not only does the video page finally work, but many things related to it now do too - featured videos now work, including comments, you can even share videos now for all we care - and now a convenient browse page. From here, you can find the most recent videos, the most popular videos, the most discussed videos, the most added to favorites videos, and a random browse page. And now, as of 6:19 PM, you can now upload! Woohoo!

  • Profiles
    That's right! You can now see channels! Here is mine as an example. It contains everything you need to know about someone!

  • Sessions
    That's right! You can finally log in. So if you have an account, log in to see this stuff in action!

That's all for now. Keep following all the stuff we do, this thing is actually supposed to come out this month! As always, thank you for visiting YoreTude. Your support means everything to us

July 30th, 2005

This is the first update from Billygoat891. Anyways, we now use PDO instead of MySQLi since it is much better, and also some graphics were updated to be local. Pretty much a cleanup, that's all for Billygoat.
Jacob is our new developer! He is known for his website https://blips.club which is an incredibly accurate Twitter clone! Anyways, he mostly did code cleanup. So on the outsiders side, he contributed an old YouTube 2005 player he made for modern browser people. There is also a thumbnail generator to be made soon and featured videos have arrived! Hooray!

July 29th, 2005

Today we are adding accounts. Currently you can sign up, i will work on logging in and sessions a bit later.

July 28th, 2005

Greetings everyone!

Thanks for visiting YoreTude! We are currently in development. In an effort to communicate improvements and changes, this blog was created.

So, first off, we are extremely happy with the feedback we've received thus far. We are continuously working towards our goal of making YoreTude the YouTube revival for the Internet. That said, please let us know if there's something you'd like us to address -- we really, really, really do value any input our users send. We will try to read every e-mail that is sent to us. Go ahead, try it; we'll prove it!

Anyway, back to the recent changes. We have done a complete refresh of the site to align with it's current month. It's now more aesthetically pleasing and accurate. Please enjoy. This update added this news page, a refreshed header, soon a footer, and more. I will work on half of the site, while Billy will work on the unfinished list i give to him. Now in a dead revival scene, we are striving to be the revival, so please enjoy the site and if you see any bugs, unfinished pages or the like, feel free to contact us at help@yoretude.com! We hope to top all revivals and provide the fullfilling, truly authentic old YouTube experience no revival has captured before, so the support, developers, everything counts. If you want to develop send DeIeted User#0060 on Discord your username. Thank you for visiting YoreTude.

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